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Freeze Festival 29-31 Okt. 2010 London

ShapingPowder day ;)World Cup Big Air and the British Natinonal

After being away from Austria for 6 months in New Zealand and Australia, I got back for only 2 days before I had to leave for London to build the Big Air jump for the Freeze Festival, held in London Battersea.

It was tough going, with the weather not playing its part to make the event easy.  The Polar boys had worked for 24 hours to make snow to build the jump, within 9 hours of the jump being shaped we had already lost 50 percent of it.  It rained and was windy the whole morning coming up to the time the Brits had their practice runs.  This unfortunatly stopped the training schedule for the FIS World Cup later in the afternoon.

That night the Polar Boys and the shaping crew worked around the clock again to make more snow to get the jump looking good for the FIS World Cup.  Luckily things improved weather wise, and by the time the practice started for the first heat of the event, things were in perfect shape with lots of snow and sun shine.

The field was made up of a strong field of riders, Marco Grilic (SLO), Petja Piroinen(FIN), Cavigelli Gien-Luca(SUI), Louri Podladtchikov(SUI) and the 17 year old Jamie Nicholls from the UK  who was very impressive.  The finals were made up of 12 riders. It was a strong field with many double cork 10´s being thrown.  There were also some double cork 12´s.  It was also nice as a spectator to see some styled out 5´s and 7´s.

Marco Grilic took the top money home with him, followed by Staale Sandbech(NOR) then Seppe Smits(BEL).

The highest Austrian was Michael Macho who fininsed in 6th place.The festival also included many DJ´s to keep the crowd entertained into the early hours of the morning, and signings by the freerider Jeremy Jones who was kept busy signing autographs and also showing his new movie Deeper.

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