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Parks & Pipes

The  park profile has changed recently…

Parks, pipes, jibs & areas for creatives changed dramatically in the last decade! Quality raised by upcoming know-how of groomers, shapers and companies. The goal to build a snowpark is not accomplished anymore by just fireing loads of artificial snow into a random area. The success of a snowpark depends of a well chosen location combined with the same amount of fussy care as it is used for skiing slopes.

Planing a park or a terrain park is a very intense and creative work.

  • How do I effectively build quality kickers and their landings?
  • What is possible at all?
  • How much snow is necessary?
  • How is the natural shape of the underground?
  • Would earth-work be an advantage or even necessary?
  • Is the result suitable for different riding levels?
  • What about the inrun?
  • How about the variety of the seperate runs in the park?
  • How do I have to dig in rails & boxes or other obstacles to have them witty and smooth within the setup?
  • Is the location well chosen to be reachable for clients or even people who did not yet consider themselves as „clients“?
  • Who is going to maintain it?

With loads of snow the work isn’t done at all! Only a perfectly groomed and maintained park keeps up the level and quality of your facility!

With my longtime & professional experience as snowboarder & shaper I can serve you with solutions, ideas & innovations, covered by no limitations.




PARKSHAPER.COM all around the world…

Meanwhile I build for several years BigAirs & Halfpipes for FIS-Worldcup events as well as high ranked slopestyle competitions. During these tasks I accompany the whole process from the beginning until the end. That gives me a high level of experience to build you contest capable Pipes, Slopestyles & BigAirs at international standards!

My experience in countries all around the world covers all at this time available tools and techniques as for example Pipemagician, Zaugg, Snowturbo, several types of piste groomers and many more. Also the handling of various types of artificial and natural snow is easily accomplished for me.

I am also at your disposal for fixed installed pipes built on earth forms in summer & fall to figure out measurements, angles and heights as well as perfect alignments to slopes and sun.

A well shaped pipe is characterized by exact angles (vert), a perfect & straight alignment and a shape free of dents & humps. This results in a well rideable pipe that looks great and most important: the permanent reshape, which is at least done with a interval of a few days, is more efficient & cheaper.